by Craig McCreath

After years of using apps like Todoist, Reminders, Notion, and Microsoft To Do I'm finding it much more pleasurable to use just a plan old spreadsheet. It basically came out of a brain dump which has continued on for a month now.

There's been a few advantages:

I loose out on the useful stuff like quick entry, reminders, and the like. However, I'm finding there's still use for a todo app to fill that space. The migration from Todoist > Excel actually allows me to refine the task down before it goes in - instead of all my tasks hitting my Todoist Inbox and never leaving.

Refining my focus and priorities is always a challenge for me. My role means I often switch roles from director, to tech lead, to developer, so having more context will help.

I doubt I'll keep this up for long. I'll probably end up throwing it all into AirTable or run back to Todoist - but it's really helped me prioritise when I've been overwhelmed this time.