Clearing Out

The current situation has left me in the house around 24h a day. I get out for walks every few days to grab the mail from the office, or to grocery shop. I’ve gotten used to being in the house, and enjoyed the freedom that comes from remote work.

I used to be a minimalist, or at least strived to be one. Living more in tune with my home environment has dramatically changed how I feel. The less I have, the more I can really enjoy what I have. There’s always been a connection for me between how organised/clean my space is and my state of being.

It’s been nice to take control of it again. So far I’ve:

  • Cleared out my digital life: collected journal articles centrally, unpublished older blog posts I no longer enjoyed, organised important documentation, cleared old accounts.
  • Sorted my drawers of paper, most of it being useless notes. Fixed my Doxie and started trying to go as paperless as possible.
  • Trashed old junk I’ve had lying around, unused for months if not years. Do I really need 20 micro-usb cables or just 1-2 really good ones?
  • Started organising and finding places for things to live.

It will be a long time till I’m done, and I am tempted to do Marie Kondo’s techniques.

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