Directing a company, supporting software/clients, and managing a team has made my life a lot more complicated in recent years. When I first started working professionally, all of my notes were forever stored in Evernote Premium. My only problem came from my lack of organisation, so I relied a lot on the search rather than collections and tags – making it a little bit of a mess for me to manage. It didn’t help that Linux support was pretty terrible at the time, with the web interface being very laggy when it first released.

I ended up going a little crazy and trying my own MediaWiki, but found it overkill for personal access and updating was necessary, something I didn’t always do frequently.

Looking for better structure, I moved over to Notion earlier on this year. It’s been very fluid, and forces you to think a little on structure before you author content. I really like it’s open flow to generate and embed content, and expand as necessary. I quickly hit the free limit and went to pro, but I started feeling like it was a little bit too much for what I need.

A few years ago I started a new GitHub repo – til (today I learned). Aimed to focus on a fact that could be categorised and listed, it allowed me somewhere to show as I grew in different areas. Cool little code snippets could be kept easily, but I didn’t keep it up – but I was thinking too small.

In an earlier post I’d talked about Steve Wolfram and his processes, and he had a Wolfram Notebook which he keeps all his info. Similar people have started knowledgebases and making them public on GitHub:

These knowledgebases are Markdown files with simple folder structures, which can be easily edited and synced to wherever I need them. On my machine, I have VS Code setup with markdown preview – and it couldn’t be easier. Since I’ve started it’s helped me keep track of:

  • Tasks, rather than using Todoist or Bullet Journal.
  • Meeting Notes, rather than using Evernote.
  • Documentation, for processes and personal projects.
  • Learning, through notes from books and things I’ve learned along the way.

It’s entirely lo-fi and easy to update, and I’m loving it. 🙂 I’m keeping it private, but I might end up making a public one with more shared knowledge in future.

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