Sometimes things don’t go the way you expect – Luna & Astrid Edition

We had to say goodbye to Luna. After over a month of trying to resolve conflicts, interactions were not improving despite everything we tried. She had a jealous streak – any time we’d try and be affectionate to Ollie would lead to an attack. Ollie’s behavior changed from being very sociable and outgoing, to timid and scared. It was clear neither were adapting well and Luna needed a hope where she was the only cat.

We originally adopted Luna so Ollie would have a friend as he’s super sociable when he’s in the cattery, and weren’t willing to give up from this experience. So, a few weeks ago we welcomed Astrid into our lives!

She is a bundle of joy and has enough playful energy to power the whole country. We’re loving having her, and she’s getting on very well with Ollie! There’s still some tensions as they get to know each other but it’s clear that this time all’s going to work out; Astrid just needs to figure out it’s a bad idea to try and play with a sleeping cat!

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