Say hello to Luna!

Luna, chilling at home in her own bedroom!
Luna, chilling at home in her own bedroom!

Exciting weekend! Michelle and I have been browsing the SSPCA website for a couple of weeks looking for a friend for our cat Ollie, and found one we fell in love instantly with. A short drive later, we were in Hamilton and arranged to pick up Luna!

We’d heard that she’s been a little closed off when she first arrived at the shelter but opened up by the time we’d gone to see her. She was affectionate and wouldn’t let me put her down! Her hair was matted when she came to them, so she’s looking cool with a buzz cut!

It’s not been entirely easy once she got home. She’s been scared of her new surroundings so we’ve been keeping her in an enclosed space she can call her own, slowly introducing her to the smells of Ollie. She’s still quite defensive, but does like a little pet from time to time!

Hopefully we’ll be able to open the door in a few days and let her see Ollie (who’s really excited to meet her), and let her roam the house with a bit more freedom!


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