2009 in review & goals for 2010

I think we agree that this year has been a terrible shambles.  With that in mind… it’s time to look over the year that was and look ahead to the year that will be.

The Good

  • I started freelancing. While it’s not been the best year to start a business, I can now say I’m doing something.
  • I attended web-related events that allowed me to learn great people and learn a lot.  I can’t wait to get to another (that I can afford!)
  • I watched less tv than last year, partly due to the fact I was living somewhere without one.

I found it really hard to think of some good points.  It’s been a hard year and maybe I’m not thinking the best tonight…

The Bad

  • Corinne had to go back to the States and I haven’t seen her since.
  • I lost my mother in July.  A piece of me was ripped out that day.
  • Money was tight and I almost didn’t have enough for presents at the end.
  • When I got back to university I caught a month long cold that caused me to almost loose track of my studies.
  • I didn’t fulfil last year’s resolution to read a book a month—but I did renew my library membership and purchased a few new books.

Goals for 2010

  • Live frugally. Which also means that there will be a little less Starbucks in my future, and a lot more homemade espresso.
  • Lose weight and go to the gym more. The month long cold took any of my exercising ability out of me, but I’ll find time to go.
  • Grow the Business. It’s a long-term goal, but something I think I need to achieve… and should be able to do.
  • See Corinne again as I don’t think I can’t last much longer without seeing her again.
  • Start podcasting again on both Distance No Object and the Kilted Cast.
  • Work on my personal projects and get them off the ground.  Too often I get half way to completing it and loose interest.
  • Eat less junk food and eat more vegetables.

Think I’ll manage that?  Let’s hope so…  Any resolutions you’re keeping yourself?

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